Dr Julie is Moving

After five wonderful years at the clinic, Dr Durnan is leaving PNC to open up a new practice closer to her home in North Vancouver. Dr Durnan is sad to say goodbye to such a fabulous team who has been like family over these past five years but excited at what lies ahead in her new office, closer to her family and children.

Dr Durnan’s new clinic, Restoration Health Clinic, is opening in January 2015. Her new clinic is located above the Lynn Valley Library in Lynn Valley Village.  For more information, please visit www.restorationhealthclinic.ca.

All Dr Durnan’s current patients are invited to see her at her new location and your files will be automatically transferred. If you prefer to continue your care in West Vancouver, please feel free to call Gill and although Dr Durnan would be sad to see you go, she wants to make sure you continue to get great naturopathic care. Please feel free to pick up supplements at PNC or to book a visit with either Dr Lange or Dr Deschatelats.

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