Hidden Reasons Your Body May Be Holding on to Extra Weight

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If weight loss is on your list of wellness goals, come in and see what you can do to help you shed those pounds safely and naturally. Below are some sneaky non-diet-and-exercise reasons your body may be holding on to weight.

  • Hormone Imbalance: extra estrogen is extremely common, in both men and women. Even moderately high levels of this hormone will cause your body to build more fat stores and hold on to water.
  • Stress: excess cortisol (stress hormone) will cause your cells to store  fat, especially around the belly. Restricting calories too much can also lead to high cortisol levels, which is why crash diets often don’t work.
  • Hypothyroid: low levels of thyroid hormone cause your metabolism to slow down, leading to water retention, low energy, low exercise tolerance and constipation.
  • Digestion: digestive issues such as food intolerances, poor food absorption, imbalanced gut flora (SIBO and candida) can lead to bloating, gas, retained water, low energy and food cravings.
  • Posture: tight muscles in a few very specific areas of the body can block your natural lymph flow, causing your body to hold on to extra pounds in the form of water retention, especially in your legs and abdomen.
  • Sleep: getting enough good quality sleep is necessary for hormone imbalance, including Growth Hormone, Melatonin, Insulin, Cortisol and Ghrelin:Leptin balance (hormones that are involved in appetite control).

The best part: everything on this list is testable and treatable right at Pacifica Naturopathic Clinic. If you think one of the factors above may be holding you back, come on in and see us.