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How to Beat Insomnia, Naturally – By Dr Julie Durnan, ND

          Tired but Wired Most adults have experienced trouble sleeping at some point in their lives.  An estimated 30-50% of people suffer from sleep disorders. Insomnia can be a chronic issue or one that lasts just … Continue reading

Do You Pass the Holiday Stress Test? – By Dr. Julie Durnan ND

Yes, it’s true that the Holidays are considered to be the most wonderful time of the year.  But for many, they can also be the most stressful time of year.  Instead of putting your health on the back burner right … Continue reading

Amino Acid Supplementation for Ultimate Recovery During Training – By Dr. Julie Durnan ND

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, muscles, growth hormone, and insulin.  Patients often come to our clinic and report that after an intensive training session, they experience muscle fatigue, aching, or tightness.  This is not simply a part … Continue reading

ABCs of Children’s Immune Health – By Dr. Julie Durnan ND

One of the most common questions we hear from parents in the clinic is:  “How can I boost my child’s immune system?”.  This is an especially hot topic in the fall so I thought it would be handy to provide … Continue reading

Vitamin C: The Super Vitamin – By Dr. Rick Santimaw ND

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is possibly the most safe and useful nutraceutical around. It is a water-soluble vitamin (your body doesn’t store it), which makes it very safe to use, even in high doses. We can get what we need from our diet, including papaya, bell peppers, strawberries, broccoli, pineapple, brussel sprouts, kiwifruit, oranges, cantaloupe, and kale. However, when preventing or treating certain conditions we supplement higher doses of vitamin C (either orally or intravenously) to attain therapeutiresults. Vitamin C plays many important roles in your body. A few of the major ones are: ●Essential in wound healing and scar formation. ●Repairs and maintains healthy bones and teeth. ●Helps make collagen, an important protein used to make skin, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. ●Very powerful anti-oxidant (protects your cells from free radical damage caused by, radiation, tobacco smoke, or simply aging). ●Strengthens and supports your immune system. Because of its versatility, vitamin C is used to prevent and treat a variety of medical conditions. Listed below are just a few: ●Heart Disease ●Hypertension ●Colds & Flus ●Cancer ●Osteoarthritis ●Asthma ●Age related macular degeneration ●Diabetes

Vaccine Viewpoint – By Dr. Nina Lange ND

One of the topics that we generally cover with parents is the very controversial subject of vaccinations. It is an area that often is emotional and difficult for parents as they struggle with what they believe is a black or white answer : to vaccinate or not to vaccinate?  The problem lies in the fact that we are inundated with “facts” in the media and community and these only lead to confusion. Making these choices isn’t easy but it should be an informed decision. Do as much research as you need by reading some recommended books and talking to your health care providers in order to feel comfortable with the choices you make. Knowing that you are not alone, that there are many parents out there who are trying to find a plan that feels best to them for their child, is very important.  We will support you through this process. It is important to know that whether you choose to vaccinate according to the CDC schedule, whether you choose to use alternatives such as homeopathic nosodes, whether you choose to delay or split up the vaccinations on the schedule or even just select those which you feel are most important, in all cases the child’s immune system and body should be supported naturopathically. What does this mean?  It entails a healthy diet free from processed foods and foods that might aggravate the immune system,  supplements for general immune support and  additional pre /post vaccination support. Although we have some general immune support guidelines and a naturopathic pre/post vaccine protocol that we recommend, we always individualize the specific requirements based on the child’s overall health. A healthy immune system is necessary whether a person is vaccinated or not!

Herb in Profile: Schisandra chinensis

Schisandra chinensis is one of the most wonderful herbs for tonifying the liver, supporting the nervous system and mood, giving support to the adrenal glands, and boosting the immune system. Schisandra’s berries are most therapeutic. At PNC, we use the … Continue reading

A Happy Liver: How to Support Your Liver During Detox

By Dr. Rick Santimaw, ND The Bucket Analogy Here is an easy way to envision how the body’s detoxification systems work. Think of your body and its detoxification systems as a bucket. At the bottom of your bucket is a … Continue reading

Energy Wealth and Adrenal Health

By Dr. Julie Durnan, ND Do you feel tired and wish you had more energy? Do you struggle through your workouts or even find it hard to muster the energy to get to the gym? If so, depleted cortisol levels … Continue reading

PNC’s Natural Health Newsletter Spring-Summer 2012

PNC’s Natural Health Newsletter Spring-Summer 2012 is here! If you are not yet on our email list, please sign up on the right side of your screen or contact us today. Our newsletters are full of helpful natural health tips, … Continue reading