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Supplement in Focus: L-Glutamine for Sports Nutrition By Dr Nina Lange ND

So, what’s the big deal with l-glutamine supplementation? A little 101 on the benefits to encourage you to take it, especially for anyone who is training regularly or at higher intensities. Besides being an essential recovery aid, L-glutamine benefits the … Continue reading

Amino Acid Supplementation for Ultimate Recovery During Training – By Dr. Julie Durnan ND

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, muscles, growth hormone, and insulin.  Patients often come to our clinic and report that after an intensive training session, they experience muscle fatigue, aching, or tightness.  This is not simply a part … Continue reading


By Dr. Carla Cupido, DC and Owner of Baseline Health Group Inc. Can You Be TOO Flexible? Stretching has always been a controversial topic in the sports medical community and now more than ever with … Continue reading