Breast thermography
Injection therapy
Food allergy testing
Nutritional analysis
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Growing up with PNC
PNC was voted as Best of 2013
in three separate Health and
Wellness categories in the
North Shore Outlook!
We thank you for your support,
North Shore!  We are honoured
to serve you.
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Fertility & Pregnancy
Fertility and Pregnancy
Healthy Kids
Pain Relief
Sports Nutrition
Weight Loss
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Medical Laboratory Services

Blood testing:  chem screen
Female and male hormone analysis
Adrenal stress analysis
Thyroid testing
Food allergies and sensitivities for children and adults
Blood sugar testing
Body composition testing
Digestive analysis testing
Full Nutritional Profile:  Vitamin, mineral, amino acids
Candida testing
Celiac analysis
Omega 3 fatty acids testing
Cardiovascular screening
Lyme Disease testing
Sperm testing
Pregnancy tests
Urine testing
Saliva testing
Heavy metals testing
Neurotransmitter testing