Setting Wellness Goals!

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A fresh new year is a great time to set some new goals for yourself and to reexamine past goals. So why do so many people abandon their new year’s resolutions within the first few weeks of a year? Chances are, the problem wasn’t in the intention behind the goal, but in the planning and execution.  Goals, if set effectively, should give you motivation and confidence to follow through.

So here is our quick guide to setting goals that you will be able to stick to.

  1. Take some time to think about where in your life you would like to see change.
    • Break down your life into different areas and assess your satisfaction with each area. Try printing and filling out a Wheel of Life. You might be surprised at what comes up for you.
    • Once you have found an area, you need to start setting goals. What do you think could be improved in that area? That’s a great place to start.
  2. Keep your goals positive. This is so important! Goals should never be shaming or bring you down. Instead, they should inspire you to make small, lasting changes in your life. Write down your goals and take a good look at them. Is the language positive?
  3. Set a very small number of  very well-defined realistic, precise and achievable goals
    • Consider sticking to just 1 or 2 goals that are very important to you
    • If you have a large goal, break it down into smaller goals, setting timelines for each
    • Use the SMART framework. Make your goals Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-based
  4. Make a visual reminder. Write your goals down. Consider making a visual reminder that you will see every day.
  5. Keep yourself accountable
    • Identify the people in your life that you know will support you in your goals. Tell them what you’d like to achieve and what your timeline looks like. Most importantly: ask for their support in specific areas.
    • Set check-in times with yourself. For example, every 3 months make a note in your calendar to reassess your goals and measure your progress.
  6. Be gentle with yourself…no matter what
    • If you have trouble sticking with your goals, don’t beat yourself up. And definitely don’t give up your goal. When it comes to making lasting changes in your life,

If you are still looking for some wellness goals, may we suggest a few to choose from?

  • Take the time to chew every bite of every meal
  • Meditation/Breathing for 5-10 minutes every evening before bed
  • Set a bedtime and waking time and stick to it (as close as possible) 7 days of the week.
  • Eat one serving of fruits/vegetables from each of the following colour groups: dark green, orange/yellow, dark red/purple
  • Start a gratitude journal – write down 1 thing every day that you are grateful for
  • Give out 1 sincere compliment each day
  • Move your body for at least 20 minutes each day. Bonus: get outside and enjoy some fresh air and full-spectrum natural light while you’re doing it.

At Pacifica Naturopathic Clinic, we LOVE helping our patients set up a series of short-term and long-term health and wellness goals. Best of all, we’ll focus our efforts on helping you ACHIEVE them. Come on in to the clinic to see how we can help you.