The Ultimate Assessment

The Ultimate Health Assessment for Optimal Vitality

New in January 2013!  British Columbia’s most thorough diagnostic screening, testing, and treatment program includes biochemical, functional, nutrient, and metabolic assessments.  Determine your current health status, risk factors, and prevent disease.

Plan to spend two hours at the clinic for your initial visit which includes a thorough intake, physical exam, and dietary analysis with your Naturopathic Physician.

  • Food Allergy and Sensitivity Testing:  IgG ELISA method
  • Bioimpedance Analysis (lean/fat percentage, cellular health, hydration status)
  • Functional Nutritional Analysis (vitamin, mineral, omega 3 & 6, dysbiosis markers)
  • Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis
  • Hormonal Assessment:  Estrogen/Progesterone/Testosterone, Adrenal hormones (Cortisol, DHEA)
  • Blood work – Autoimmune Markers, Clotting Factors,  Thyroid, Liver Function, Fertility Markers, Iron, B12, Cholesterol Panel, Inflammatory Markers, more available at special request
  • Chronic Infection Screening
  • Heavy Metal testing

Includes 3 Naturopathic Consultations:

  • Initial visit and thorough intake including medical history, assessment of diet, stress, toxicity, metabolism.
  • Visit 2 includes review of all laboratory assessments, physical exam, IV nutritional therapy.
  • Visit 3 includes Naturopathic Prescription Protocol, Nutritional Meal Plan based on assessment, exam, and laboratory results, IV nutritional therapy.
  • Follow-up visits according to doctors‘ prescriptions.

Cost of supplements/vitamins/herbal prescriptions are extra.